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Caller ID

Phone Number: 0431125750 / 0431-125-750 / (0431) 125-750
International +61-431125750 / (+61)431125750 / 0061431125750 / 0061 431-125-750 / +61-431-125-750/ 0061-431-125-750
Call Origin: Canberra, Australia
Phone Type: Mobile
Phone Company: Optus
Time Zone UTC+08:00 - UTC+10:00

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What do other people say?

Marked as Safe Caller by Que
Gumtree ad, caller harassed me for bank details
Marked as Robo Caller by Holly
Survey scammer
Marked as Dangerous by Georgia Sgroi
Massive drug lordLife insurance fraud
Marked as Safe Caller by Padilla
Bitcoin scamDon’t answer her calls Compulsive liar
Marked as Dangerous by Justin
This woman has been reported to Australian Federal police importing exporting drug. Won’t be long till she gets charged and arrested by the Feds don’t cry when you go to jail little girl. It’s gonna give you a good real lesson about life. You will learn the hard way behind the bars.
Marked as Dangerous by Mark
Bitcoin scammer. Dishonest woman with a lot of problems issues and trauma stay well clear and away from this scammer.
Marked as Dangerous by Justin
Do not trust this girl, his needs to be under investigation from Victoria Police for fraud and personal belonging theft along with other serious crimes she has committed. Selling stolen items; shoes handbags clothing jewellery and accessories on gumtree eBay and Facebook for cash money. Dirty thief trying to sell stolen goods to me over the phone then asking me to meet her at the State library to do the exchange. She uses fake names fake email addresses and Uses different Sim card numbers. She told me she was selling items from a deceased mother I believe these items have been stolen from someone or somewhere they look all too good and in perfect condition for a young 20-year-old girl to be selling secretly. I purchased the $4000 Gucci handbag off her and she only accept cash payment. I don’t know where she’s getting all these expensive brands handbags shoes accessories and clothes and jewellery from they have to be stolen or from someone or somewhere and I don’t believe it’s from the deceased mother she claims. When she walked off she dropped the notebook out of her schoolbag I picked it up and I found her details
Marked as Dangerous by David
Compulsive liar female serial killer that blames other people for her own mental issues, problems and depression in life. Stop harassing, threatening and calling random people with your fake money fraud online businesses scam.You have been reported to Victoria Police. Spoiled little twisted tart.
Marked as Dangerous by Susie
This young woman is a psychopath
Marked as Unknown by Guest
"Serial female stalker who calls over 50 times a day. Psychotic mentally unstable woman. Lives in Canberra. Criminal Internet scammer. Setup fake business websites and scamming people for money

Similar number comments

0431176519 by Guest
Got a message from this number 0431 176 519.
0431166409 by Terry
Spam caller
0431351360 by H T
Aswered a call from 0431 351 360 - it was a recorded stern message about legal action and to "press 1 now"
0431759921 by Guest
"[JOB OFFER] Part-Time Order Assistant, No experience needed, $28-50 AUD in an hour. Click the link: XXXXX"
0431324587 by Guest
They keep sending spam very annoying now esp on a work phone.
0431255814 by Guest
Scam message pretending to be optus. DO NOT CLICK THE LINK!!!

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Breakdown Phone Number

Area Code: 0431
Prefix: 125
Subscriber Number From : 1250000-1259999
Region Code : Unregistered information
ISO code 2: AU
ISO code 3:  AUS.
Country Continent:  Australia and Oceania

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